Cherokee Inn motel

When you are planning for a trip, the first thing that comes to the mind is the accommodation. It is quite a difficult task to choose a good place to stay and spend a night. So, before you reserve a hotel or a motel you should know the differences.

The first and foremost is the size, its construction and the layout. You can find a lot of numbers of rooms in a hotel. There are many floors which is accessed by the long stairways and elevators. And the rooms are spread along the long internal hallways and corridors. While on the other side, motels are small sized establishments having usually two or three floors. You can easily access your rooms directly without difficulties.

And the difference you will find is in the service they provide to their guests. Hotels provide you with more of a luxurious services compared to motels. Hotels have restaurants and bars, gym, swimming pools, room service, shutter services, spas and massage parlors, conference and seminar halls. Meanwhile, the main purpose of the motels is to provide the accommodation service to the travelers who are in need of the place to spend a night. In spite of its small size, motels can provide you with comfortable rooms and good service. And nowadays, motels are as good as hotel with hot breakfast providing you with all the modern services which you can find in the hotel in the city area. You can also easily find pet friendly motels and hotels around the city.

While choosing the hotel or the motel, you should consider your budget first. It is the most important thing you should keep in mind. In the comparison, hotels charge you more than the motels because hotels offer you with more of the services. But sometimes the rates of rooms in hotels and motels do not differ much, it all depends upon the location of the establishment. While you can book your rooms at hotel for longer number of nights, you can’t expect the same kind of services in motels. You will find motels in the remote places, far away from city areas. As for the hotels, you can easily find it in the major city areas.

It is up to you to decide what kind of accommodation service you need for your trip or vacation.


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