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US comes in among the top list of countries in terms of inflow of tourists. Cherokee, located in a state of Iowa, is one of the main reasons to attract numerous tourists. This tourist destination can be visited at any time – day or night.  It is a sovereign nation covering about 100 sq. mile. It is rich in diverse history, traditions, art and culture.

There are so much to visit in Cherokee. Cherokee city can also be compared with Las Vegas in respect to casino halls. So, if you cannot get to exclusive Las Vegas, you have a replacement waiting up for you.

The city is the entrance the famous Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Besides, there is the museum of the Cherokee Indian whose history dates back to 11000 year old. You will get the opportunity to be the part of the culture of Cherokee Indians; you will know their how they first began their civilization in the mountains, how they struggled for their survival in the harsh climate full of the mastodon.

In the village called Ocanaluftee Indian Village, you will be able to explore Cherokee’s locals’ traditions, such as traditional dress, beadwork, finger weaving, weaponry, wood and stone carving, and canoe burning. Occasionally, traditional performances are executed in the village square. A warrior house, waddle and cabins mostly make up the village. ‘Unto these Hills’ and ’Trail of Tears’ are one of the famous performances carried out that have successfully made the viewers to realize the ancient history of Cherokee Indians.

Henceforth, Cherokee has so much to offer tourists in terms of both tradition/lifestyle and environment. So, visit Cherokee! There are numerous motels in Cherokee, IA offering not just cheap rooms but also the other facilities such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, and many more. On the other hand, you will also find luxurious and exclusive hotels in Cherokee, IA, offering whole lot more facilities than motels but at an expensive price. So, look at your budget, and enjoy a memorable vacation in Cherokee.


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