motel in ia

Nowadays, motels are seen clustered everywhere. The benefits of motels are conspicuous. The main perk would be the cheaper rates of motel rooms while compare to other forms of accommodation. Motels can be ideal place for the budget travelers who need lodging only as a place to sleep. Perhaps, this way, they can spend ‘saved’ money (from cheaper room rates of motels) on other worthwhile activities while on vacation. However, location can play a significant role in determining the rates. For instance, a spacious motel room in the countryside is likely to cost same as a smaller one in or near the city.

Motels are relatively small establishments. But being small can be a boon for them as they are generally more serene places to enjoy the stay. Moreover, the staffs can provide extensive personal care to each and every guest in the building, since the guests will be relatively few. Hence, in these regards, motels prove to be a comfortable places to stay in.

In addition to, a motel is very accessible in a sense that it has generally two or three floors which allow the guests to access their rooms in an instant. One doesn’t need to walk over long stairways, and lobbies or to wait for elevators just get one’s room.

Although motels are deemed as a simple accommodation option, many chain motels, nowadays, do provide with some useful luxuries as in hotels to lure the potential guests. They have become somewhat a hotel with hot breakfast, reliable high speed Wi-Fi, swimming pools, gyms and shuttle service (transportation to either airport or popular tourist destinations) and other useful modern amenities.

Another salient feature of motel which is rapidly popularizing is the allowance of pets in the motels (only in some designated places of the buildings and only with their owners). The emergence of pet-friendly motel has lured the pet-lovers who hesitate to travel while their pets stay at home with no one to take care of them.


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